Aspen Colorado

The town of Aspen, Colorado has quietly been transforming over the last 120+ years. The early silver mining days saw a population of over 12,000, but as soon as the mining craze went belly up the town shrank to less than 1,000 people. It took the arrival of a innovative 1940’s couple, Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke, to re envision what Aspen could be. Their idea combined community with a sacred trinity of sorts, which included the body, spirit, and mind. People started to flock to the area wanting to be a part of the positive transformation. This cultivation of awareness led to what is present day Aspen, a wonderland of mountains and wilderness and home to a remarkable society.

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Why do we love to serving the community of Aspen? For starters there are no average people here, from the free thinkers to major business moguls, the citizens of Aspen display the rare characteristic of staying true to thy own self. When the greater populace coexists this way, as it does here, the synergy can be addictive. We love that to these Coloradans there is no room for boredom. Between sports, festivals, and the ever changing arts scene the culture here is bustling. And as the seasons change residents have no problem switching gears from sweltering sun to snow capped mountains.

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